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MS12-037 has broken HP Power Manager ?

Occasional Contributor

MS12-037 has broken HP Power Manager ?

The october IE update MS12-037 appears to have broken HP Power Manager. When I say 'broken', I mean you can no longer connect via a browser if you have Power Manager set up to use https://servername:port because the IE update blocks any RSA digital certificate which is less than 1024 bits in length, and the HP Power Manager certificates are 512 bits.


I have tried using the latest version ( V 4.32 ) but this still fails.


It does still work if you set up Power Manager to use http://servername:port which is fine, but it means I will have to go around to each server and set them up again, and it will no longer be secure.


So has anyone else found this problem, and have a workaround ? Better still does HP plan to bring out a new version of HPPM or a digital certificate that will be accepted by IE ?

Honored Contributor

Re: MS12-037 has broken HP Power Manager ?

As a workaround, you could use stunnel or any web server software that is capable of acting as a HTTPS-to-HTTP proxy to provide a SSL/TLS layer of appropriate strength, and pass the traffic to HP Power Manager locally.


You could then allow only local connections to the HTTP port of the HP Power Manager, making the HTTPS proxy the only way to access it remotely.