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MSA stifles MSCS failover

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MSA stifles MSCS failover

I've got three DL580's that supplment their connection to an HP EVA5000 with connections to three MSA's.

Server A can fail to C; C to A, but neither to B. It's acting exactly as if there were a problem with Selective Storage Prsentation where in server B coldn't access drives utilized by the virtual group on A or C. But there isn't any problem.

On B, however, when I follow the 'external storage connection' link on SYstem Management Homepage, the window that opens reveals there are no Switches connected to the FC card. Yet, B has no problem with accessing the drives dedicated to the disk group that it runs. A and C, in the same window, report the switches to which they're attached. The B server runs an LC/LC cable directly into the switch to which it's attached, but it can't find ANY switches.

At one time, the arragement with the MSA's did work and A, B and C could fail freely among themselves.