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MSA30 with a new DL380 G7

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MSA30 with a new DL380 G7


I'd need to replace an ML370 G3 that's connected to a MSA 30 via a SA6402 controller with a new server, a DL380 G7.

Is there any RAID controller that works both with DL380 and MSA30? Maybe the same S6402? A newer one?

kris rombauts
Honored Contributor

Re: MSA30 with a new DL380 G7

Hi Andrea,

here are the DL380 G7 quickspec's:

By default it comes with three pci-e slots only and the SmartArray 6402 is pci-x, so that won't fit. You need to buy the optional/seconday pci-x/pci-e riser card as a minimum to install the SmartArray 6402 in.
This option offers room for a full lenght pci-x card like the SmartArray 6402.

All newer SmartArray controllers are pci-e and are for connectiing SAS or SATA disks, not the older SCSI disks like the ones used in the MSA30. SCSI disks are being replaced by SAS/SATA in the industry, so it's the way forward.

So not sure if it is worth investing the extra money in the required option when the DL380 G7 can provide you quite some disk space internally already (from 8 up to sixteen 2,5 " SAS/SATA disks), but it depends on your needs of course.


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Re: MSA30 with a new DL380 G7

Hi Kris,

thanks for your answer.

I agree with you, but I have only to show to the customer that he does not necessarily have to throw away the MSA 30, even though the server itself may accomodate enough space internally.

Do the question is basically: "Will it work with the riser kit?".

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Re: MSA30 with a new DL380 G7


I use a couple of MSA30's with with a DL380G5.
I also tested it with a G6 and I guess a G7 will also work. But, non of these configurations are officially supported by HP.
That basically means that they did not test these configurations them self. If you have an issue you might be on you own. Something to think about.