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I have an MSA500 at one of my remote sites. We recently had a power failure and the SAN (with all servers) turned off. After getting power restored, the servers all turned back on however, the MSA500 controller does not go past event 21 "Scanning for SCSI Devices". Nothing was changed/moved/added to the system so something has to be damaged.
Does anybody know what it could be? Since the controller is attempting to boot, i'm not sure if it is the problem - or if it is the backplain. Any help is much appreciated.
Mark Matthews
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Re: MSA500

Is this just SCSI attached to your servers?

I would try powering on the equipment in a certain order. This is recommended for SANs
Not sure what you have but this is the recommended order...

1. Fibre switches
2. Tape Libraries
3. External Disk Shelves
4. MSA itself
4. Servers

If this does not work, try reseating the controller(s) etc.


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Re: MSA500

Hi Smith,

To how many servers, the MSA500 is connected?? you can try one thing power down the host connected to the MSA500 and reseat all the drives as well as the controllers, there might be a possibility wherein a single disk is creating some issue and freezing the entire SCSI bus, try reseating all the drives and controller if it does not work then you might need to try one disk at a time to fix this issue thats along procedure, lets try the first option of reseating everything and power up only the MSA500 if it comes green power up the hosts.