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Maintenance Firmware V8.50 upgrade for DL580 G2 server

Danesh Qureshi
Regular Advisor

Maintenance Firmware V8.50 upgrade for DL580 G2 server

I hope someone can help me on this problem. I have a HP DL580 G2 server running RHEL AS3 update 9. I took the server down and installed the latest Firmware Maintenance CD 8.50. Basically chose to all firmware components.

I used the offline method to upgrade the DL580 G2 which required a reboot.Everything installed fine except for one componenant i.e. HP NC-Series Broadcom Online Firmware upgrade Utility for Linux i386.

At the end of the installation it displayed a"red square" to indicate the status i.e. update returned an error and to see the HP SUM log for details.

When I viewed the details of the installation log it reported the following message

"HP Smart update Manager Installation log. Installation started Tuesday Jul 7 17:07 2009.
Description: HP NC-Series Broadcom online firmware upgrade utility for Linux i386.
Return Code:7
Installation complete:Tuesday Jul 7 17:13".

I then proceeded to perform a fresh install to upgrade the server to RHEL AS4 update 8.

When the RHEL AS4 installation finished, I rebooted the server and then checked the NIC interface card with "ethtool etho", the speed and duplex were both showing as "unknown".

The interface comes up fine during boot up but now there seems to be a problem with the NIC interface cards which means I cannot remotely access the server.

Please note when the server was running on RHEL AS3 and on the previous firmware version, the NIC card settings were fine but since I upgraded the firmware to V8.50 and OS to RHEL AS4, the NIC interface is reporting the speed and duplex both as "unknown".

I think because the firmware v8.50 upgrade failed on the HP NC-series Broadcom card,the speed and duplex settings are not being set correctly.

As I said when I reboot the server reports all OK with interface cards.

Can anyone suggest how I can resolve the speed and duplex setting on the NIC interface?

Danesh Qureshi
Regular Advisor

Re: Maintenance Firmware V8.50 upgrade for DL580 G2 server

After going through the HP documentation it appears HP have dropped support for the firmware maintenance on version 8.50,8.40,8.30,8.20 and 8.10 of the firmware maintenance CD. The last supported firmware maintenance for the DL580 G2 is only available on V8.00 firmware maintenance CD.

As i've inadvertently have upgraded the DL580 G2 with the incorrect version 8.50, can I downgrade the server using the older version of firmware maintenance CD V8.00?

If I can can downgrade it to the correct version, I think it should hopefully fix the problems with the NIC interface settings on the NC-Series Broadcom NIC cards.

Any advice will be appreciated.
Ernesto Deus
Occasional Visitor

Re: Maintenance Firmware V8.50 upgrade for DL580 G2 server

The best option is for you to completely uninstall the HP broadcom firmware - the RHEL4 kernel will support the broadcom interfaces without needing the extra HP provided firmware - this makes upgrading your kernels simpler in future as well, as your interface drivers will always be kernel supplied. To verify if you're using kernel supplied against vendor supplied modules, check as follows;
: [root:]#cd /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/net/ipv4
ah4.ko esp4.ko ipcomp.ko ip_gre.ko ipip.ko ipvs netfilter xfrm4_tunnel.ko
[root:]#rpm -qf ipip.ko
All of our HPDL* machines running RHEL4 x86 (x86_64) use the kernel supplied modules and can run at any of the interface supported speeds.
Ernesto Deus
Occasional Visitor

Re: Maintenance Firmware V8.50 upgrade for DL580 G2 server

Correction: My answer may or may not assist - I initaially thought you were installing proliant support pack - sorry for skimming instead of reading ;)