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Making a DL 380 G2 function again

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Making a DL 380 G2 function again

Ok recently got a DL 380 G2. Tried to install ClearOs and Zentyal on it both installed fine but when to black blinking cursor screen when installation finished. What is going on with that.?? I know it cant be hardware related because when I got it it autobooted into server 2003. I would like to use this server as router/network monitor. I would also like to host maybe a mumble voice server on it and other small things.


I need to know the following

1. Is there a guide on how to do a bios update and update my scsi firmware?

2.Best way to properly install linux on this machine?


I figure if I can get these few questions answered I would be all set. Im new to servers nto use to the raid and all I would really like to not have to raid as there will be no important data on this server.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Making a DL 380 G2 function again



I see some good guides on installation


Please check HP Guided Troubleshooting (


Let me know if it helps,


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