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Management Agents

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Management Agents

Is there a way to disable cache battery failure alerts that are sent out by the hp management agents. I have servers out of warranty that the business unit does not want to purchase parts for. I'd like to turn off that alert so it doesn't keep showing. Any ideas?
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Re: Management Agents


I think is one of the storage agents (HP Insight Management Agents)
that alerts the battery message

"Storage Agents:
Provide event monitoring, storage statistics, configuration reporting"

so you can either go to control Panel - services - HP storage agents and stop that service


you can go to
-> control panel
-> Icon HP Management Agents
-> open it
-> you will see all the sub-agents and I think you have to remove "Drive Array Information"
(see attached picture)

according with this PDF, page 77 - 80
that sub-agent reports battery messages

try and let us know

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Re: Management Agents

I went to the HP Management agents icon in control panel and disabled an item called Storage Remote Alerter. So far that seems to be doing the trick. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.