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Management Module Issues

Occasional Contributor

Management Module Issues

I'm working with BL20P Blades. We currently have three. All three are attached to the network. I have gone into each blade and configured the RIB. I used the same procedure as other Rib configurations and have never had an issue. When I go to access the RIBs remotely, I can't. I can't even ping the IPs supplied by network. I've had my network group look into this and everything looks good on their end. Any suggestions as to what the issue could be? Is it possible I need to reset the management module since it is affecting all three blades? If so, where do I do that at?
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Management Module Issues

Hi Lisa,

Let the forum know what the network configuration is of your blade enclosure.

There are a number of different switch modules that can be used all of which can have rather different configurations.