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Management Module reset

Ferry Steenvoorde
Valued Contributor

Management Module reset

My situation:

3x enclosure with BL20p/BL40p
2x power enclosure
all in one rack, and the management modules interconnected.

The entire rack has been switched off due to power maintenance. After the rack has been switched on, half of the server blades lost their ILO-connections (to be exact, the entire right half of each blade enclosure. No servers excluded). The ordinary network connection to all Blade Servers is OK.

According to the SMH on a blade server, the ILO-board is OK, it only has no network connection.

This makes me suspect the Management Modules on the back of the enclosures.

- Is there a way to reset the Management Module, or (preferably) one individual ILO-connection?
- Does resetting have implications for the network connections to the blade servers? ILO is not an ordinary network connection.

Rebooting a blade server does not have any effect.