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Manual install of Win 2003 Server on ML370 G3

Peter West_1
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Manual install of Win 2003 Server on ML370 G3


We have recently taken on of our ML370 G3's and tried to install Windows 2003 Server on it but are having some major problems.

In the first instance we tried using Smart Start 6.6 (the most recent version we have) but in trying this we had lots of problems. Sometimes it would get to the GUI section of Smart Start and then simply sit there and in other cases we would get Kernel Panic errors.

I discussed this with HP Support who advised me to do a manual install and then apply the Support Pack once the OS was running. I duly created the appropriate floppy for the RAID Controller (Smart Array 642) and have succesfully manage to get the first section of the OS installation to complete.

However, when the system reboots after the first text-based section of the install one of two things will happen. If I leave the BIOS config as is (so that the Smart Array IS NOT the 1st Boot Device) then the CD simply boots again and tries to install again. Alternatively if I chance the Smart Array Controller to be the primary boot controller then I get an error saying 'Error loading Operating System'.

I'm really at my wits end now and I can't think of what else to try - any other suggestions?


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Re: Manual install of Win 2003 Server on ML370 G3

At this point, I would start over. Clear any configuration the SmartStart has done to create an arrays and such. And go back, reconfigure the hard drives to get the logical drives you want for the OS. Get all the drives on disk and go with a manual install again.
Sounds to me that the first partition is not where the OS is loading and therefore not in the boot order of the BIOS.
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Re: Manual install of Win 2003 Server on ML370 G3

Hi Peter,

I had this problem similarly by manuall installing a ML350G3 with a 6402 Controller, using SmartStart 7.0 driver. The driver didn´t work by manuall installing. Got a message "Disk are not connect... SCSI... blabla", the installation didn´t find the disks. I downloaded the newest array driver from the web, copied to a floppy, configured my Raids, F6, everything worked... Don´t use the driver coming with Windows2003!

SmartArray 1st Boot Device!

Prashant (I am Back)
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Re: Manual install of Win 2003 Server on ML370 G3


As suggested by oneof the guys before. do go by step by step configuration. first confgiure under RBSU. then USe smart cd to confgiure the Array only then go for mannual Installation of the OS.

Where for clearing the configuration use the
SW1 â System Maintenance Switch Settings put the switch 6 on then power up the server thenwait for 5 min then make it off then power up server for new configuration.

Hope It might able to help you.

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