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Max drive capacity for P410i/512 BBWC

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Max drive capacity for P410i/512 BBWC


I'm planning to put 10 unit of SAS 6G drive on P410i/512 BBWC card within HP DL380G6. Based on the datasheet it should be able to support 24 cards but the datasheet gives me this:

- Eight (8) SAS physical links distributed across 2 internal x4 wide port connectors

On another section within the same document, I saw this:
- 2 internal (Mini-SAS) x8 wide port connectors

Does it means that it can support up to 16 HDD within single card? Or I have to purchase specific connector/another card for my case.

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Re: Max drive capacity for P410i/512 BBWC

The card can handle 24 drives, but the card doesn't have enough internal connectors to support that many. Internally it can only handle 8 drives (2 connectors of 4 drives each).
However, you can buy a MSA-60 or MSA-70 external enclosure and use the P410i's external SAS connector to create an array of more than 8 drives.

It's not that the card can't handle the drives, there just aren't enough internal connectors (limitation of SAS single channel cables/connectors)
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Re: Max drive capacity for P410i/512 BBWC

The P410i controller has 8 SAS ports only. If you want 16 disks in your server you have two options.
1. Add another controller, P410. The two controllers would be separate environments and you would not be able to combine the 8 disk in one cage with the 8 disks in the second cage. You would have to create logical disks in each controller. If you needed one huge disk you would have to combine the logical disks in the OS.
2. Add a sas expander card. It switches out the 8 SAS ports of the P410i controller to as many as 24 ports.
All 16 disks would be connected to the P410i controller.