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Max no of NIC on Dl380/360 G6 & G7


Max no of NIC on Dl380/360 G6 & G7

Just wondering what arethe maximum number of Network interfaces that can be installed on the HP Dl models DL380 G6 & D7 and DL360 G6 & G7?

Is it really maximum of 8 interfaces including fibre and copper?

Is there away this can be increased?

Many Thanks.
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Re: Max no of NIC on Dl380/360 G6 & G7


To find the maximum you can read the quickspecs:

DL380 G7

For example you can see that it has 4 ports by default (Two HP NC382i Dual Port).

DL380 G7 supports this Ethernet card:

HP NC375T PCI Express Quad Port Gigabit Server Adapter 538696-B21

Which is a PCIe 4x card and it has half-height brackets.

The default riser has 3 PCIe slots, one full height/length and two half length/full height.

Doesn't say if the card is full- or half length but it is:
16.76 cm x 6.86 cm [6.6 in x 2.7 in (L x W)] (without bracket)

P812 Full-height, full-length for example is

31.1 cm x 11.1 cm x 1.2 cm
[12.3 in x 4.4 in x 0.5 in ]
(excluding bracket)

So looks like it's half half.

Wouldn't you then be able to add 12 to make it maximum 16?

Isn't it time to consider converged networking or 10GbE?