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Maximum storage on a DL380G4 with raid5

Gert Albertsson
Regular Advisor

Maximum storage on a DL380G4 with raid5

If I put in six 300GB disks in a DL380G4 this
will give me 1.8 TB of disk space but I don't
want a total crash just by loosing one disk so is it possible to create one diskpartion (one virtual disk)with six 300Gb disk and have them run RAID 5?

How much diskspace will then be available?
1.5 TB ?
Doug de Werd

Re: Maximum storage on a DL380G4 with raid5

yes that is correct. A RAID 5 volume of 6 x 300 GB would be 1.8 TB total, with the equivalent of one disk used for parity, giving usable space of 1.5 TB (5 x 300 GB).

However, you do have more options than just that configuration. The Array Configuration Utility (ACU) alloes you to first create "Arrays", which are physical collections of disks. You then create "Logical Volumes" within the physical array, which can be any size or type of RAID. The RAID is set at the Logical Volume level, not the physical Array level.

So you could create single Array using all 6 disks, and then within it create several Logical Volumes, each of different sizes and RAID levels.

See the ACU User Guide for more information:

Note: the link to the ACU User Guide on the left appears to broken, but maybe it's just me.

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