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Media Error on Primary Master

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Media Error on Primary Master

I've inherited a ML330 G3 server running SBS 2003. Having not had much experience with HP servers (or server management in general) I was wondering if anyone might be able to point me in the right direction.

RaidMon is giving me a media error on primary master when I log into the machine. I also am unable to start a backup (it times out althought I can do shadowcopies). When I run chkdsk it gets to 16-17% on the first test and then just sits there/freezes until I quit out...

These symptoms have been going on for months and yet the server is still running fine and no one has complained about disk problems.

What's the best way to approach this (i'm guessing one of the two raid drives has gone bad? (mirrored I believe))? I wanted to check with admins of this particular server first since I am paranoid having no backups available for the system...

Malcolm Fox
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Re: Media Error on Primary Master

We have a ML330 G3 w/Windows 2003. Following a disk defrag (which hung and was cancelled) and a tape backup (which hung up the server) I also got the "New Media Error Found on Primary Master" notice. Reboots would not get the machine running and I am now trying to rebuild the drives (RAID 1).

Any ideas?