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Memory Config / RAID config

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Memory Config / RAID config

Hi Guys
I have acquired a DL380 G6 server, how lucky !

It had 3 (2 gigs) installed.

We (management) orderd an extra processor + 1 (2 gig) and 1 (8 gig) memory Stick.

Now i would like to know whats the optimal setup for this config?

I have also installed two 72 GIG SAS drives.
So how do i go about going setting up RAID 1 (mirror), without having the OS installed first? (some HP tool)?

We will be installing Hyper-v Box on this server.

Also 2 onboard dual-port NICs (how do i go about teaming) for extra redundancy?

i would be grateful if you could help ! have not worked much with HP servers (hardware) before.

Thanks in advance.
Joshua Small_2
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Re: Memory Config / RAID config

Your first bet would be to go to, "support and downloads", and follow the prompts to find the smartstart Cd for your server.
This bootable CD will contain the array management software (to build your mirror), and will assist in deploying all required driver software.
You RAM is likely to be an issue. a DL380 is triple channel RAM, meaning one 8GB stick will need to be coupled with two more 8GB sticks to be effecient.
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Re: Memory Config / RAID config

You can config the raid during boot by pressing F8 when it loads the smartarray controller. This works without an OS or any HP tool.

As mentioned above you are going to have issues with memory. The main rules with dl380 g6 and DDR3 is to have equal amount of memory in each channel. And that the two CPU's should have exactly the same memory config. If they don't have equal amount of memory the CPU with less memory will have to "borrow" memory from the CPU with more memory and that will create latency.

Re: Memory Config / RAID config

If you install 2 unconfigured drives.
The RAId controller will auto configure it for RAID 1.
Unless you interrupt it.

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Re: Memory Config / RAID config

So what are my options with 3 (2 gigs ) which is probaby channe 1(white)

and we orderd 2 gig + 8 gig

do i need to get 2 (2 gigs) + 1 (2 gig) which i have already ordered on processor 2.

and on channel 2 on processor 1 (8 gig in one slot) + 8 gig on channel2 on processor 2?

or does channel 2 need to have all 3 dim slots filled with 8 gig. on either side of the processor or will just one 8 gig each on both sides (channel2) will work as well

sorry i have confused you


Re: Memory Config / RAID config