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Memory Issue?

Occasional Advisor

Memory Issue?

I am getting this error on a new DL380G5. Any ideas how to fix. From what I have read swapping out modules wont fix the issue.

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: Server Agents
Event Category: Events
Event ID: 1031
Date: 02/02/2007
Time: 2:42:16 PM
User: N/A
Computer: NZAKLAPP02
System Information Agent: Health: Correctable or Uncorrectable memory error detected. The memory module should be replaced.
Board or cartridge: '0' Module: '3' Spare part number: '' Module size: '1048576' System id: 'CPQ0762'

Susanne Dansey
Occasional Visitor

Re: Memory Issue?

Hello Brendan,

Did you resolve this issue? I have the same problem and wondered if you now had a solution?

Thanks in advance

Susanne Dansey
Occasional Visitor

Re: Memory Issue?

HP have said that this is a known error but the resolution should not require the return of any hardware.

Please check that the memory is installed in slots 1,3,5, and 7. If they werenâ t installed in those slots and the change makes the difference then this may resolve the problem.

If you donâ t have HP Insight Management Agents (I assume for Windows Server 2003?) then you can update to version via:

Run IMA and this should iron out the problem if it hasnâ t been resolved already after moving the memory.

If it doesnâ t, then run the server diagnostic program to see whether the memory or the memory slots are the problem. If this is the case then HP will need to be contacted and they can authorise the return of the faulty part (which must be under warranty).