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Memory Problem DL 380 G4

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Memory Problem DL 380 G4

Hi All

I have a DL 380 G4 and had 8 GB of ram in it, and it was running fine for a little while then one day I noticed the amber warning light come up on the front right of the server, then 30 mins later it stated with a long tone, then stopped then long tone.
The amber light turned to red. after getting the top off the server i noticed the amber lights on the ram slots.
I took all the ram out and replaced with simular speeds but difference sizes but no good.

the server appears to not like any ram combination that I put in it any longer.

Has anyone got any information that might help me with this?

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Re: Memory Problem DL 380 G4

Maybe it's not the RAM, but the northbridge.

It's under the aluminum heatsink right next to the memory slots. the heatsink is held down with A spring wire hooked onto tin loops anchored with solder, and over time they can work loose.

Once that heatsink gets loose, the northbridge will cook itself fairly quick.

Unfortunately if it did, it may be time for a motherboard replacement, if you can find one.
Be sure to bend the ends of the loops on the replacement so it won't pop out!
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Re: Memory Problem DL 380 G4

No , it was RAM. two of the sticks of RAM had a part number one digit out. Take them out and all good.

why though does the part number matter, same speed ECC different size obviously and does work together. weird