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Memory Upgrade for ProLiant 1600


Memory Upgrade for ProLiant 1600

I came across this statement in a maintenance manual (313625-001) - CAUTION: Use only Compaq SDRAM DIMMs. SDRAM DIMMs from other sources may adversely affect data integrity. Power-On Self-Test (POST) will warn of non-supported SDRAM DIMMs.

I am about to install additional ram (non-Compaq) wanted to know if only Compaq ram works with the ProLiant 1600. I would think that it would be ok, but wanted to run it by the membership just in case.

Nathan Gervais
Trusted Contributor

Re: Memory Upgrade for ProLiant 1600

Its possible that it would work on the system. Go ahead and try the memory but if you start getting wierd and unexplained behaviour i would be looking at the memory.