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Memory Upgrade issues

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Memory Upgrade issues

I'm having some trouble upgrading my Proliant DL140 G3 from 8GB of RAM to 16GB of RAM.    I bought 8 identical (part #/speed..etc..) 2GB DDR2-667 PC2-5300 ECC FBDIMM.  I've installed all 8 chips into the 8 available memory slots.  However, when I boot up, only 8GB is scanned and reported.  When going into the BIOS, it also only reports 8GB of extended memory.


I have updated the BIOS to the latest and swapped the chips around, putting only 4 in at a time so that I know all of the memory chips work.  Based on the layout, the memory slots go from 1-8 (with slot 1 closest to the PCI slots).  It seems only slots 5-8 recognize the memory in them.  I ran the HP diagnostic CD and it claims slots 1-4 are not occuppied.


Doing some research and studying the motherboard layout, slots 1-4 are associated with branch 0 and slots 5-8 are for branch 1.    I'm running two Quad core Xeon  E5345 running at 2.33 Ghz


BIOS settings under Advanced Chipset Control are using the default settings:


4GB PCI Hole Granularity: 256MB

Memory Branch Mode: Interleave

Branch 0 Rank Interleave: 4:1

Branch 0 Rank Sparing: Disabled

Branch 1 Rank Interleave: 4:1

Branch 1 Rank Sparing: Disabled

Enhanced x8 Detection: Enabled


Am I doing anything wrong? Could there be an issue with the motherboard?





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Re: Memory Upgrade issues

this sounds like the wrong type of FB-DIMM. there are two types. One will do this, one will not.

Stick to HP (used or new or RENEW)!!
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Re: Memory Upgrade issues

In the specification I see two 2GB memory part  numbers (461828-B21 (Low profile) and 397413-B21). What is your?


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Re: Memory Upgrade issues

I thought I did get HP memory.. Actually, now that I look at the site again, it says HP certified memory.  Guess I made a false assumption that would work?  Here's the site I used:


The chips I bought were these.  I thought they were to spec?


2GB DMS Certified Memory FB DDR2-667 (PC2-5300) 256x72 CL5 1.8v 240 Pin ECC FBDIMM (Fully Buffered)

OEM #: 397413-16G, 397413-B21, 397413-S21, 397413R-B21, 448049-001