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Memory Upgrade

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Memory Upgrade

We have 2 8500, each with 1GB installed (2x 512MB DIMMS). We purchase 2 x 1GB upgrades - one for each server. At the time of the upgrade we had a compaq eng on site and asked her to install the memory - she could not get it to work in any configuration in either machine. We had the memory replaced and co0incidentally had another compaq eng on site who tried again unsuccessfuly to install the memory on each server.
The servers in each case boot exactly as if the memory was not there.
We ran the system configuration util which registered nothing new.
The memory was purchased from an auth compaq reseller who purchased the memory directly from Compaq disty. The second engineer who came out said "he didnt recognise the memory, although it has compaq part number, it has Siemens Labels on it". The details of all the DIMMS purchased are below.

2 Compaq Engineers and 2 site visits have not resolved this so far so any help appreciated.

Purchased: 2 x 328808-21. Contains 2 x 512MB DIMMS with the following labels: 512MB, Sync, 100Mhz, CL3, ECC.
4 X Barcode labels (SERIAL NOS:) 0V0064008D7 & 0v0064008E5, 0V0064008A0, 0V006400896.
Each Dimm also has a siemens label,
SIEMENS, HY872V64200GR-8A, 64MX72 SDRAM, A1599450302, PC100-322-622R, Assembled in the UK.

Also each has another label with:
SFC NAPR1299295, Mod A10959-041, Kit C288-08-21

Thats about as comprehensive a mail as i can log!
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Memory Upgrade

the memory that you bought has that CL3 label on it ..that means it is cas latency 3..check your other memory..does it say CL3 as well or CL2? if it is CL2 then that is the problem...mixing memory of different cas latency's often causes problems including the one you have
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