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Memory board or cartridge removed.

Markus Ohnmacht
Occasional Contributor

Memory board or cartridge removed.


My DL580G4 displayed following message:


Event Identification and Details

Event Severity Major
Cleared Status Not cleared
Event Source eks-prod
Associated System eks-prod
Associated System Status Normal
Event Time Mi, 14.02.2007, 22:51:30 CET
Description Memory board or cartridge removed. An Advanced Memory Protection sub-system board or cartridge has been removed from the system. User Action: Insure the board or cartridge has memory correctly installed and re-insert the memory board or cartridge back into the system.

Trap Details

Variable Description Value
An administratively-assigned name for this managed node. By convention, this is the node``s fully-qualified domain name. eks-prod.schmalz.local
The Trap Flags. This is a collection of flags used during trap delivery. Each bit has the following meaning: Bit 5-31: RESERVED: Always 0. Bit 2-4: Trap Condition 0= Not used (for backward compatibility) 1= Condition unknown or N/A 2= Condition ok 3= Condition degraded 4= Condition failed 5-7= reserved Bit 1: Client IP address type 0= static entry 1= DHCP entry Bit 0: Agent Type 0= Server 1= Client NOTE: bit 31 is the most significant bit, bit 0 is the least significant. 0

Mib Information
The associated MIB File Name for this trap iscpqhlth.mib and the MIB identifier CPQHLTH-MIB

This message appeared only one time, and nothing else happened.

What does it mean? I didn't remove my Memory Board or else.

Thanks cya