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Memory capacity on Proliant DL380?

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Mott Given
Frequent Advisor

Memory capacity on Proliant DL380?

Why would the Proliant DL380 come with up to 12GB of memory? Doesn't Windows Server 2003 only address up to 4 GB of memory, so wouldn't the extra 8 GB of memory be wasted in a 12 GB memory configuration? I'm doing a capacity sizing of a Windows Terminal Server machine which will need to support 150 concurrent Terminal Services users who may be doing Microsoft Office or accessing SAP R/3.

Are the processors on the Proliant DL380 32-bit or 64-bit processors? Are they Itanium processors?

Mott Given
Martin Breidenbach
Honored Contributor

Re: Memory capacity on Proliant DL380?

Win2K Advanced Server supports up to 8 GB.

For Win2003 look at this page:

Win2003 Enterprise Edition supports 32 GB, Datacenter Edition 64 GB.

DL380G3 processors are Pentium 4 Xeon.

For more details look here:
Jim French

Re: Memory capacity on Proliant DL380?

2k3 Standard supports up to 4GB RAM
2k3 Enterprise supports up to 32GB RAM
2k3 Datacenter supports up to 64GB RAM
I believe how it works for Ent. and DC is 4GB of RAM per processor with a max of 64 regardless.