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Memory error - Mainboard defective? (Proliant ML130 G3)

P. Vermeij
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Memory error - Mainboard defective? (Proliant ML130 G3)

A few weeks ago our server started to become unresponsive (hang) once a day at irregular intervals. During a hang the server won't respond to the keyboard/mouse and the monitor is black. Windows 2003 SBS logging shows, after a reboot, an entry stating the previous shutdown was unexpected and there are no other entries in the log.

I suspected the memory to be defective and running several tests with Memtest86+ returned an error with the memory.
The problem is; no matter how I swap the memory modules around in the slots, the error is every time on the same memory address: 000000004f8.

Now I'm suspecting the mainbord to be defective but I'm wondering if I can do anymore tests to be certain the mainboard is defective?
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Re: Memory error - Mainboard defective? (Proliant ML130 G3)

ml130 G3?

which is the exact model? since there is Smartstart CD for 300 - 500 Series and insight diagnostics for some 100 Series servers so knowing that I can tell you which tool to test

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joe scinta
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Re: Memory error - Mainboard defective? (Proliant ML130 G3)

i have a similar problem with the same ml 130

it over wrote the partition table on bothe the raid drives.

we lost everything

we replaced the drives an it seems to be wigging out tasks

is this memory or power supply or the motherboard.

does anyone know if there were recalls on this model?

thanks in advance