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Memory options for DL160 G6

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Memory options for DL160 G6

Hey there.


I have an older DL160 G6 server, which came configured with 2 x 4 GB ram.


I got 2 other identical memory sticks (Samsung 1x4R, 10600R ECC, 4 GB). So all 4 dimms are identical.


The first 2 were installed in the usual 3A slots for each CPU.

I have added the extra 2 in the 6B slots. The system boots, shows 16 GB of memory in BIOS, but when the SO finishes booting it restarts, a red led lights on the front, and bBIOS says Unrecoverable ECC error on slot 6B on CPU0.


At first i thought the 2 new DIMMS were deffective, but after moving them to 9C (leaving 6B empty), the system boots and wotks just fine, with all 16 GB available. So i have come to the conclusion the 6B slot on CPU0 is deffective.


Now for the question. Can i populate more slots on this server, skipping 6B? I do not have other DIMMS at my disposal at the moment, so i cannot test. But is it possible to have for example 6  x 4 GB dimms, placed in 3A,9C,2D slots for each CPU? leaving 6B empty.


Re: Memory options for DL160 G6



Its not a good idea to skip slot B.  According to the documentation and memory configurator tool, the memory has to be populated from A, B, C till H, I.


I could not find any documentation that says about skipping a slot.



Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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Re: Memory options for DL160 G6

I know it's not a good idea, i am asking if it works, given the defective 6B slot on my server.