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Memory problem in DL580G5

Occasional Contributor

Memory problem in DL580G5

I have 2 DL580G5. Both have 32GB memory. In RBSU both report that they have 32GB memory. During boot one of them say that it has 24GB memory. Other is OK. Where can I find 8GB memory of first server?
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Re: Memory problem in DL580G5


Could it be possible that you have the memory configuration set for "Online Spare".
If so, you will lose a certain amount of memory to compensate for failure.

Check as follows:-

Enter Rom-Based-Setup-Utility (RBSU) by pressing F9 when promoted.

Select "System Options"
Select "Advanced Memory Protection"
Check what it is set to.

It may be set to "Online Spare with advanced ECC support" which will be why you have lost some.

Set it to Advanced ECC only and you shoule see all the memory.

I hope this helps.

Occasional Contributor

Re: Memory problem in DL580G5

Thank you, Brain.
Spare memory is off.
Yesterday I tried to update system firmware. After update and reboot I saw error 207. Error in memory socket 16H.
I taken out 2 DIMMs from 12H and 16H. After reboot I saw error in memory socket 15F.
I hope after taking out 2 DIMMs 11F and 15F system boot properly.
But what can I do to correct this problem?