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Memory question of DL580 G2

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Brian B_2
Occasional Contributor

Memory question of DL580 G2

the server has one memory modual with 6GB of memory installed.

Bank A 512 - 512
Bank B 512 - 512
Bank C 1GB - 1GB
Bank D 1GB - 1GB

On the POST it shows 6GB of memory but in the OS it is only showing 3.5GB. In the BIOS it does not look like it is using Advanced ECC, online spare or board mirrored memory. Can someone try and shed a little light on this for me?
OS is Windows 2000 Advanced Server

Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Memory question of DL580 G2

Hello Brian,
You may need to specify /PAE or the maxmem switch in Boot.ini file. Please check for this on MS site since they have a lot to say about that.