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Memory upgrade gone bad.

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Memory upgrade gone bad.

I have a Prosignia Server 740 that I am upgrading. I bought 4 sticks of ram, 256 each. I install them, boot up the server then nothing happens. No post, nothing. If I keep an old stick in the first bank, add a new stick, it goes through the post and acknowledges the ram. But when it passes the win2000 server start screen and loads, it halts with the NMI: "Ram error" (not exactly the message).

I will say that I did not buy the ram from compaq but it's the same type of ram according to the documentation. It also recognizes it but only when an old stick is in it... not when the four new sticks are added.

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Re: Memory upgrade gone bad.

Hi Rob,

Have you checked your bios settings to see if error corrections is turned off. You may have to go into Advanced setup to see this setting. Boot into bios through the F10 key and when you reach the very first screen after the compaq logo/press enter to continue. You need to toggle into Advanced mode by hitting CTRL + A and you should see a message indicating you are in advanced mode,then go into configure hardware and look for the memory settings. Also look at the exact technical specs for the ram compaq recommends as it is important to match clock speeds and parity recommendations. I have about 50 proliants I work with and we have used the following brands of RAM w/no issues:


Hope this helps,
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Re: Memory upgrade gone bad.


The PS740 Will accept 1GB Total RAM, but only 100Mhz SDRAM. Check with the vendor you bought the ram from and make sure they say it is a direct replacement for SP#313616-B21. If not, try and get a refund or exchange.
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Re: Memory upgrade gone bad.

Thank you both for the great advice. I tried the BIOS (advanced) configuration and still it did not work. I did notice that one of you mentioned the serial # of the ram. The ones I have do not match. It leaves me with no further option but to get the ram replaced. I'll use one brands mentioned in the previous message. I'm sure that this is the problem. Once again, thank you.