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Microserver not booting to BIOS

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Microserver not booting to BIOS


We recently bought a new G10 microserver for some light services. We are trying to run Windows Server 2016 essential on it. The thing is when we have any occupation in the HDD trays the server does not boot or even give the option to go into boot menu/bios and is in an infinite loop. As soon as I remove all the HDD's the server responds as to be expected and immediatly gives me the BIOS options. 

If anyone would happen to know a fix, or cause for this you would help us allot!


Thanks in advance!


Re: Microserver not booting to BIOS

Hello ,

Please make sure that the Server is running the latest version of firmware ,if not please download HPE SPP ISO and boot the server using it and update the firmware and BIOS of the server .
SPP can be downloaded from

Please make sure that HPE Drives are used with the server .

Once above steps are performed please install the drive and check if the RBSU(BIOS )Loads or not .Please follow the Troubleshooting Guide to the check the issue .If possible please check with another working Hard drive .


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