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Microsoft Small Biz Server 2008 issues


Microsoft Small Biz Server 2008 issues



I want to install Microsoft Small Biz 2008 server (64 bit) on a DL380 G4 for lab purposes. The server was running a (32 bit) Linux server OS with Smartstart v8.25.  I updated firmware to v8.70 and used both Smart Start v8.70 32/64 bit cd/dvd’s to initiate  the SBS 2008 install process.


Firmware update seemed to work fine (it appeared to only recognize linux os). Smart Start v8.70 hangs while loading – gets though the 1st two (left to right) progress bars and stops cold.  I can’t get to the server OS install options.  I have been trying off and on for almost two weeks. Smartstart v8.25 (32 bit) works fine, but no install option for SBS 2008. Can some one PLEASE give me the correct sequence for loading firmware, drivers, and software to make a successful switch to SBS 2008?  I am confused. The more I read, the worse it gets. I have never used these particular servers before. Will a bios reset work?


Thank in advance.

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: Microsoft Small Biz Server 2008 issues