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Migrate DL320 HostRAID to E200 Smart Array?

Kurt Camealy
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Migrate DL320 HostRAID to E200 Smart Array?

I have three DL320 G5 servers with 160G SATA mirror's on the built in Intel/Adaptec HostRAID controller. I have purchased three E200 controllers and the BBWC enablers. If I just plug the SATA drives into the new Smart Array controllers, what will happen? I see you can go from SmartArray to SmartArray, but I don't see my proposed path mentioned.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If I can't do it, I wonder what bootable imaging software can even see the HostRAID and E200?
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Re: Migrate DL320 HostRAID to E200 Smart Array?


when you attach HDDs to a Smart Array controller, the first 1088 sectors are written with Raid inforamation sectors(RIS). They hold the raid configuration, so that if you replace the controller the configuration will not be lost.
If you attach them to non-smart array like in your case, the first sectors are written with the Master Boot Record(MBR).
If you now connect these HDds to the SA ctrl, the RIS will overwrite the MBR and you will npt be able to boot anymore.

You can make backup of your data, then attach the HDDs to the SA, using ACU to configure RAID, then install OS and restore data.

p.s. don't know about imaging software