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Migrate RAID 0 to RAID 5

Regular Advisor

Migrate RAID 0 to RAID 5

We have a DL360 G4 with a 6400 controller card controlling an external enclosure with 4 - 500 gig sata drives set as a 2 gig JBOD.

I need to migrate this to raid 5 for obvious reasons...

The help file says you just migrate the data, but doesnt say if it's gogint to put heavy strain on the controller, or if i need all new drives...

Any one have any insight on this before i give it a go... there is currently 1.88 TB of data on teh 1.99 TB drive array...

I do have one extra 500 gig drive i will put in, as gogint to raid 5 i will need at least one extra drive...