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Migrate RAID containers from SC44Ge to P400/512 ?


Migrate RAID containers from SC44Ge to P400/512 ?

I have a batch of DL160 G5's and need to upgrade the disk controller from SC44Ge to P400/512 with BBWC due to poor performance (no write cache on the SC44Ge).

There are 4 disks in the machine, making up 2 separate RAID 1 containers. Disks 1&2 are one mirror set, disks 3&4 are another mirror set.

I have been given conflicting information.

On one hand, I have people telling me this is a drop-in replacement, and the RAID container info stored on the disks by the SC44Ge will be recognized by the P400.

On the other hand HP phone support says the old RAID containers "probably" would not carry over (because the SC44Ge is different than Smart Array controllers) but they would not say for sure.

Does anyone have a definite answer on this? If I lose the RAID containers and have to recover every server (that I upgrade) from backups, this is going to be an *enormous* undertaking with more than a Terabyte of data on the line.