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Migrating from 72GB to 144GB disks on SA6402?

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Ole Thomsen_1
Trusted Contributor

Migrating from 72GB to 144GB disks on SA6402?

I'm trying to move from 72GB to 144GB disks in a DL380 with SA6402 controller configured with 6 disks in RAID 1+0.

My plot was to fail and replace one disk at a time, and finally expand the RAID.

But to my surprise the recovery fails everytime after a couple of minutes, marking the new disk as failed. This has so far happened with 4 new disks.

HP support states that this is not a supported way of doing things, but I'm sure this has worked fine previously.

I'm aware that I can take the server offline and break the mirror but my wish is to do the upgrade online.

Ole Thomsen
Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Migrating from 72GB to 144GB disks on SA6402?

What you trying to do is supported as long you do in correct order. It's called Upgrading Hard Drive Capacity
see atachment

also if you needed

there is few steps that you have to make it right

1. first of all full backup
2. ADU report there should be no Read write Problems
3. All Firmware and Drivers and ACU up to date
4. Firmware for HDD and Array controller
5. Pull drive only when system down
6. power up and accept drive failure and recovery ON
7. than only slide new drive
8. also if you already tried them (146) you might want to run erase utility over them
Honored Contributor

Re: Migrating from 72GB to 144GB disks on SA6402?

From my experience this is a data problem on the current drive set and not a fault of the new drive. You need to verify the current RAID before you attempt to replace the drives.
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