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Migrating from DL380G4 to 380G5

Occasional Contributor

Migrating from DL380G4 to 380G5

We have a DL380G4 server with ultra320 SCSI Hdd's and we want to migrate the system to a DL380G5 server with SAS HDD's without reinstalling the OS and applications. Basically we want to move the OS, Applications & data to the new hardware without loosing it. So my question is, is it possible to do so & any ideas.

Thank you.
Adam White_4

Re: Migrating from DL380G4 to 380G5

If you put a SCSI SmartArray PCI card and in the G5 and attach an external disk shelf you might be able to move the old disks across and set it to boot, but that's not something I've ever tried to do and I couldn't really say if it works or not.

Otherwise you would need to purchase a disk-imaging system such as HP's Rapid Deployment Pack to make an image of the existing server and then apply it to the new one.

Either way I would recommend uninstalling the PSP before moving the disks (either physically or via images) and then installing it again after the new server is up, to ensure only the correct drivers are installed.