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Re: Migrating from Dell to HP, get RSOD

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Migrating from Dell to HP, get RSOD


My company is running CentOS 7 on Dell R730 servers, about 600 of them. My company has been tasked with migrating from Dell to HP DL 360 Gen 9s.

The OS iso image I'm using to load onto the HP has all packages and configurations and has always worked on Dells.

The image does not work on the new HPs. Get an "opcode error" and red screen of death.

It may be helpful to note that the image has an install script that runs parted to partition drives. Also, there are no errors on install but get a red screen on first reboot.

Many thanks. Let me know if you have questions, be glad to answer.

Here is RSOD:

Jimmy Vance
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Re: Migrating from Dell to HP, get RSOD

UEFI or Legacy BIOS mode? What disk controller are you using? What is the OS image? is it a standard CentOS isntall, or a custom image captured from a running Dell?

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Re: Migrating from Dell to HP, get RSOD

Have you verified that you're running the latest firmware on the server?  HPE just released an SPP last month.  There is also a customer advisory for the BL460/660 Gen9 with the 650M/650FLB Adapter experiencing RSOD.  It doesn't reference the DL360, though it may be related if your CNA is using the same Emulex chipset as the 650.