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Migrating motherboard from rack-mount case into tower case

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Migrating motherboard from rack-mount case into tower case

Can I remove the motherboard from my DL380 G5 (2U rack-mount server) and install it in an equivalent tower case, for example, an ML350 or ML370 ?

I'm aware that the CPU heatsink/cooling fins might not be suitable for tower case fans, but I can always change them, and it's likely that an old ML350 will come with at least one LG771 cooler.

I've changed ATX motherboards hundreds of times, but know pretty much nothing about server motherboard sizes ;)


Re: Migrating motherboard from rack-mount case into tower case

380 TO 370?  NO. They may share a couple of parts, but the boards have completely different layouts. 

 It would be more cost (both headache and $) effective to buy a used stripped unit off eBay and migrate your parts.  All ProLiant series are very proprietary.  


If you have any pedistal feet from a old 2U APC they could be possibly used. 

Something like the WO15AB on sale at Newegg, could be very nice.  I wish that HP would make 11u version of the Advanced.  The 14u Advanced are nice but don't fit under the desk like the old IBM mobile 11u racks.

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Re: Migrating motherboard from rack-mount case into tower case

Thanks for the reply.

I only mentioned the 370 tower as there doesn't seem to be a 380 series tower.

For example, I'm assuming that the DL370 (2U) motherboard is the same as that installed in an ML370 (tower).

I guess I could just ask, are any Proliant rack-mount case motherboards compatible with tower cases ?

But I agree with your recommendation of getting an old 'bare-bones' tower system and migrating the good parts across. Although my DL380 is old, the twin E5450s, 32GB of memory, hot-swap drives & P400 controller are still quite good. This is only to be used for studies/hobbies at home, not in a production environment. I should have mentioned before, but the reason I want to migrate to a tower is to reduce noise.

I've got a nice Dell Precision T5400 (can I mention the 'D' word here ?) that currently has a single E5430, so I could just migrate everything into that as it's a nice compact case, near silent too. I think HP have an equivalent to the Precision don't they ?

cheers :)