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Re: Migrating raid5 from one ML350g9 host to DL360g9

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Migrating raid5 from one ML350g9 host to DL360g9


i have to move an RAID5 Array from a ML350g9 to DL360g9

The Array is formed by 3x1.2Tb 2.5" disks. On that arrray i have a 2.1 esxi datastore.

I have to move the datastore becouse i have on it a VM that is 2Tb and i have no space to put it when i move the disks.

The ML350g9 have a Smart Array P440ar Controller version 4.52 and the DL360g9 have the same controller with the same firmware version.

So the question is: is safe to move a raid5 array containing an esxi datastore between two machine that have the same raid controller, raid firmware version?

The only thing is (and i know this is not a vmware forum) on the ML350 i have esxi 6.0U2 and on the DL360g9 i have esxi 6.0U3. The datastore should be compatible, right?

thank you


Jimmy Vance
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Re: Migrating raid5 from one ML350g9 host to DL360g9

If the controller firmware is the same version or newer the drives can safely be moved to the other system. The Raid information is actually stored on each drive and not the controller.  I can't answer the compatibility question between ESX versions

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