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Migration Chaos !!!

Rami Gabriel
Frequent Advisor

Migration Chaos !!!

Hello Everyone,

Trying to migrate a windows server 2003 installation (SP2) from a DL380 G3 to a new DL380 G5...

Server is a DC with SQL 2000 SP4 with PSP 7.91
(and with all the mess I had with HP's PSP packs I will NOT dare install PSP 8.0 until all the problems are fixed)

Purchased licenses for P2P migration software from HP... everything runs fine, migration completes, chkdsk completes, then it hangs on 'injecting drivers' stage... The main station (Windows XP SP2) running the software completely halts and takes no orders (hard reset is the only way to exit), so I tried the main station software on another win 2003 server using the domain administrator username, and the same happens :(

Tried to clone using True Image Echo (with universal restore), upon completion the system just wont boot into windows... keeps restarting... (probably the SAS drivers... dont know...)

any steps, hints, clues ???

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Re: Migration Chaos !!!


5 things

this thread maybe can help you
"SMP P2P Failed Drivers Could not be injected into boot disk "
The problem was that the security settings in the client PC it was too high.
So when hi used a server as a client it works like a dream.

2. Domain controllers

Version 1.40 of the SMP â P2P application supports migration of domain controllers. To migrate a domain controller, reboot the server, press F8 to boot to Directory Services Restore Mode (DSRM), and launch the SMP â P2P Agent. The migration runs in Directory Services Restore Mode instead of booting into SMP Agent Mode. As a result, CHKDSK does not run before the migration of domain controllers.

3. Stop any antivirus / firewall in source server

4. check networking (number of loops / Ensure DNS resolves (reverse and forward lookup via nslookup)

5. is that the exact error?

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Rami Gabriel
Frequent Advisor

Re: Migration Chaos !!!

Hello Karlo,

1. I've tried running the migration from a windows 2003 server with admin credentials and the same happened, the program just freezes the computer upto the extent that ctrl-alt-del does not work and only a hard reset fixes the problem, event viewer giving no clues :(

2. I'm running version 3.01 which is compatible with the DL380 G5 and also in 'DSRM' mode.

3. No antivirus running...

4. Networking has no errors...

5. Just freezes on this stage 'injecting drivers' ... no errors and nothing in event viewer...

PS. I've used True Image Echo and the system won't boot, so I repaired the installation with win server 2003 SP1 then applied SP2 as an update, then PSP 8.0 with the firmwares too, but the system is a complete mess with random restarts and slow performance...

I really would like SMP to work as we've paid for 2 licenses already.

Any other clues ??
Rami Gabriel
Frequent Advisor

Re: Migration Chaos !!!

Happy to say that True Image with Universal Restore worked like a charm :)

1. Removed all HP instances from Add/Remove programs on the source server.
2. Backed up disk using TI with Universal Restore option.
3. Restored onto new server (in less than 8 minutes compared to 2.5 hours using SMP which failed in the end!)
4. Started new server with no problems what so ever (and yes its a DC!)
5. Removed redundant hardware from device manager.
6. Installed PSP 8.00A
7. Added network settings


BTW. Didnt even need to inject/add any RAID drivers although they are different controllers. TI with UR took care of that ;)

Now my problem lies in returning SMP to my HP reseller and getting a refund for a program thats seems like an embarrassment to HP... And then convincing my manager that Acronis is the product to be mainstreamed in our company !