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Migration From Smart-2/P to Smart 431

Keith Gamble
Occasional Visitor

Migration From Smart-2/P to Smart 431

Hi All,
I have a Proliant 1600R with 3 x 9.1GB Ultra 2 disks configured in RAID 5 with 1 logical disk. This document:

tells me that I should be able to migrate to a Smart 431 controller, but after installing the new controller and connecting the SCSI cable it fails to detect the logical disk. My understanding is that the array and logical disk information is stored on the disks where it should be readable by the 431. There is nothing connected to the external connector of either controller and the 431 has the latest firmware (1.24).

Does anyone have any experience with this migration? Is there a simple step that I've overlooked?

Re: Migration From Smart-2/P to Smart 431

Hi Keith,
The logical disk is not detected during the post or by the Operating System?

If the Operating System is not detecting the logical disk, you must add the 431 to the server without remove the 2/P (SCSI cables must remains connected to the 2/P), power on the server and when the O.S. starts install the SA431 driver. Shut down the server and remove the SA 2/P.