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Migration Roll from DL380 G5 to DL360 G5

Rodrigo González Ruiz
Occasional Visitor

Migration Roll from DL380 G5 to DL360 G5

I have a DL380 G5 with P400 array (just with 2 HD 146GB 10k in Raid 1) and a DL360 G5 with P400i array with 2 HD 146GB 10k avilables.

The roll in the DL380 G5 I need to relocate it in the DL360 G5.

The roll of DL380 G5:
- Domain Controller
- Windows 2000 SP4

Is there any sugestion ?

Is it possible just relocating the HDs ?

Is it possible with HP Server Migration Pack -Trial Version - ?

Rajashekar Chintakunta
Honored Contributor

Re: Migration Roll from DL380 G5 to DL360 G5

Hi Rodrigo,

As both the server have the same controller, you could relocate the hdds without issues. Turn off the DL380G5 server, number the hdds remove them and install it in DL360G5 and start the DL360G5 it should boot and work fine.

If you are looking to copy the image of the disks from DL380G5 to DL360G5 that could also be done in many ways.

1) Turn off the DL380 G5, remove the second disk. In the DL360 G5 remove both the disks, install the DL380G5 second disk in the DL360G5 second slot. Start the DL360G5 it would boot and say array in degraded state once booted up, insert the first disk which was removed in slot 1 and it would rebuild the disk. Start the DL380 G5 server it would also say array is degraded. once server is up, install the second disk removed from DL360G5 into DL380 G5 second slot and it would rebuild the array. Now both the server and running same image.

2) You could use the HP Server Migration Pack - Trial Version and migrate the image from DL380 G5 to DL360G5.

3) You could also use the HP Insight Rapid Deployment software - Trial Version to capture the DL380G5 image and deploy it into DL360 G5 server.