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Missing Network Adapter after moving Blade

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Missing Network Adapter after moving Blade

We recently swapped several blades between enclosures for fault tolerance. We had 2 application web servers living in the same enclosure.

Upon restarting them, we were missing 1 of the NIC's and we had to re-IP the static address.

The entry for the old missing NIC was in the registry, and it showed in device manager as a "hidden" device.

While resetting the IP, an error would display
"The IP address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX you have entered for this network adapter is already assigned to another adapter...".

Any idea's on how to keep this from happening again, and how to get the missing adapter back as a valid device?
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Re: Missing Network Adapter after moving Blade

There are two types of NICs in blade servers - LOMs (LAN on Motherboard - embedded NICs) and Mezzanine NICs (option NICs that are installed in the mezzanine slot on the motherboard - they snap in).

You should check to make sure the mezzanine NIC is completely seated onto the mezzanine connector (kind of like verifying a PCI card is seated properly in the PCI slot).

If that doesn't solve it, try removing it/uninstalling it in Device Manager and running the hardware discovery wizard. If that doesn't work, a motherboard replacment may be in order.