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Missing Post Messages - DL180 Gen9

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Missing Post Messages - DL180 Gen9

I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction to resolve an issue with a new DL180 Gen9. Ther server is a fairly basic spec (8 x LFF - all populated, B140i - 2 x RAID 1+0, 2 x Xeon E5-2603v3, 8 x 8GB RAM).


The problem is that all post messages from the B140i, AHCI controller and iLO have disappeared! On page 2 of the boot sequence, where these messages normally appear, there's just a blank space as the computer boots. Both the storage controller and iLO are working perfectly normally - I can access the SSA and iLO configuration utilities and make changes in the normal way, the server works normally and the onboard diagnostics show no issues whatsoever. It's just the informational boot messages are no longer there.


If it's something simple, such as a switch to turn-off option ROM messages in the UEFI configuration, I can't find it. There's also nothing in the user guides. I did find an option to enable/disable debug messages for B140i, but it made no difference.


Does anyonje have any idea what might cause this to happen? There were no configuration changes made to the server (that I'm aware of) the boot time messages just stopped.


Many thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have.

Leslie van der Hoek
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Re: Missing Post Messages - DL180 Gen9


Hi , could you post some screenshots made through ILO of this?

Im not entirely sure what you mean. If it ever did work and not anymore, try and clearing the NVRAM.

(open the server, look on the inside of the cover, locate system maintenance switch, switch over pin6, boot server and follow instructions)

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