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Missing memory

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Missing memory


I have a brand new ml350 g4p server with 4gb ram, i've installed Windows 2003
r2. All is find however when checking the Windows Task Manager\Performance
Tab\Physical Memory, it only shows 3669476 total, i've also checked Systems
Properties and this only shows 3.50GB of RAM.

I've carred out a Full HP Hardware check and it the Bios/diags/server see's
the full 4gb.

This server will become our new Exchnage 2003 Server, once we sort this problem out.

I done some research and found that this is a known issue with some motherboard chipsets but can find a fix.

I have also found a switch thats entered into the boot.ini ( /PAE ) and this resolves the problems.

However this server will become a heavily used Exchange 2003 Ent box and need to find out if HP has released some sort of fix or not as we also need to use the /3gb switch so exchange can see the extra ram. I think that the PAE sould cause problems with exchange.

Can anyone shed any light here .
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Re: Missing memory

The issue you're experiencing is documented here along with a resolution:

Igor Karasik
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Re: Missing memory

Exchange 2003 works with PAE switch without problems.
We have 5 ML370 G4 servers with windows 2003 sp1/exchange 2003 sp2 with PAE switch - no problems.

I have asked similar question in MSExchange blog:

"Igor said:
All our exchange servers installed on
HP ML370 G4 servers with PCI Express support and 4 Gb RAM.
We have windows 2003 sp1 and exchange 2003 sp1 installed (both enterprise editions).
Is PAE switch must be enabled in this situation? Is /3GB switch must be enabled too?

Paul Bowden [MSFT] said:
Igor. Because the ML370 supports hot-add memory and DEP, you'll find that the PAE kernel will automatically load with Windows 2003 SP1. Therefore, you don't need to explicitly set the /PAE switch. However, assuming that this is a mailbox server, you will need to set the /3GB switch manually in the Boot.ini. Your best bet is to run the ExBPA tool ( as this will programmatically analyze many aspects of your server (in fact, it analyzes nearly 2500 settings and variables), and make recommendations for tuning."

Our ML370 G4 don't have DEP hardware support, so I define PAE switch manually.

Regards, Igor
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Re: Missing memory

You can check this page:;en-us;279151

or this one but is for a ML350G4 and other servers:

The solution is upgrade to the latest System Rom, have you done this?

Latest system Rom for your server:

James Kennedy_5
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Re: Missing memory

I'm having this problem on a DL380 G5 with 8GB RAM. When I add /PAE, the system just reboots every time windows starts to load. In Safe mode, I can remove the /PAE, and the server loads fine.

Did you ever find a fix for this problem???
Ryan Goff
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Re: Missing memory

Nice writeup here as well