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Missing some SNMP OIDs

Rob Baumstark
Occasional Contributor

Missing some SNMP OIDs

There seems to be an issue with the .232.19 SNMP tree if you restart your foundation agent. Yesterday I could snmpwalk . and get all kinds of interesting data about my server - today the .19 tree is missing/empty, though the rest of the .232 tree is still there. I've seen it in the past on other servers, and the data eventually started showing up again, I believe after the server was rebooted. But rebooting servers to fix minor problems like this is just not an option.

What I'm looking for is a way to reset the part of the insight agents responsible for the .19 subtree without rebooting the server or doing anything else that will cause downtime for the applications on it. I've already stopped/restarted all of the services for the various agents as well as the snmp service, but that hasn't solved the problem.

The config here is Windows Server 2003, SP1. The server I'm currently working on is a DL385 G1, with all the agents/drivers from support-pack 7.3, but I've also seen this issue on other DL's running other versions of the agents (all in the 7.x range)