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Mixing Ultra 2 and Ultra 3 drives

Terry Wilken
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Mixing Ultra 2 and Ultra 3 drives

I have a Proliant ML350G2 with 2, 18GB 10K Ultra 3 HDD's connected to the Compaq 64-Bit Wide Ultra 3 SCSI controller. One of the drives has gone down and I have a 18GB 10K Ultra 2 HDD that I would like to use to replace it. Can I mix the remaining Ultra 3 drive on that controller with the spare Ultra 2 drive that I have? If so is there any kind of problems that I could expect?
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Re: Mixing Ultra 2 and Ultra 3 drives,,0x7a2b63f96280d711abdc0090277a778c,00.html

Yes you can. The only thing is the transfer speeds will drop to the Ultra 2 - although I believe with that controller you won't see Ultra 3 speeds to begin with.