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Ml 115 G5

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Ml 115 G5

I have sbs2008 on above server with nvidia chip and seagate 320gb sata st3320613as.
get constant event id 129 nvstor Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0 in system event log. the system freezes for a few seconds.
ther is no option to turn off ncq in device manager
Can anyone help?
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Re: Ml 115 G5

hmmm .........well

ok josh
this should make things clear
Event ID: 129
Event Source: Software Update Services Client
Event Type: Error
Event Description: Unable to Connect: Windows is unable to connect to the automatic updates service and therefore cannot download and install updates according to the set schedule. Windows will continue to try to establish a connection.

Josh as you are new to the forums


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Re: Ml 115 G5

i don't think this relates to my reset to device problem.
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Re: Ml 115 G5

please inform more about your issue with specifics
feks has it worked fine before
new software installed
new services running
Brian Perks
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Re: Ml 115 G5

Hi Josh2009

I've had the same issue with a Proliant 115 I inherited as a favour to a friend.

Go to support/drivers and do a search for the nforce 3000 series driver download for your OS.

This file contains the latest drivers for your SATA controller. On running it will attempt to install all the drivers in the file automatically. I cancelled the automatic install and manually updated the drivers for the nVidia SATA controller entries in Device Manager.

Now no more 129 nvstor errors and system is as sweet as :-)

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Re: Ml 115 G5

thanks for that.
I changed the hard drive to sata port 0 and was able to disable NCQ, which has stopped the events.
Hope it does not decrease performance.