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Ml110 G7 storage controllere upgrade


Ml110 G7 storage controllere upgrade

I am after upgrading the storage controller that was shipped with my Ml 110 G7 to one capable of raid 5.


Currently there is 4 drives in the server being used as standalone data stores for ESXI.


I want to make a new data store with 4 drives in raid 5 and migrate my ESXI stuff on to it.


What is a good option storage controller?


I was thinking of the HP smart array p400 with a 512 Cache (Do I need the battery? as well.. )

Would I need to purchase any additional cables with the p400 to connect the 4 drive bays from the Ml110? or would just replacing the B110i card with the new one work fine?


Little unsure when is comes to hardware and upgrading parts.. Any ideas welcome or past experiance with the HP ml110.





Re: Ml110 G7 storage controllere upgrade

I opted for the p400 as I feel it will do the job I need.


I am struggling to work out which cables I need though. The diagram from the support documentation from the HP ml 110 G7 is not accurate from with the server.


The documentation shows a mini sas lead from the system board to the back plane of the drive.


In reality the mini sas goes direct to the back of the drives with a moudled power / sata connector that screws to the back plane.  .. 


Is there a female mini sas to sas cable which will work with the P400? or a direct replacment from HP?


Or do I need something like that and will have to plug the drive in once they are in the bays?