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Ml150 Gen9 and Ml110 Gen9: Regarding GPU, HDD support

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Ml150 Gen9 and Ml110 Gen9: Regarding GPU, HDD support

Hello this is my first post here. I'm planing to buy either the Ml150/Ml110 Gen9. 

Following are the configurations I'm considering: 860119-S01 and 840667-S01  

My use case requires using a GPU and I wanted to know if both of the above servers with their respective 900watt/550watt hot plug PSU's have spare 6 or 8 pin connectors for a GPU installation. I looked at the manual for both and did not find any clear indication of which spare power plugs are available on the PSUs on these units.

My second question is, these servers will be used in a small office, will they be pretty loud ? What size fans do they have and do they easily ramp up at medium loads? Does the bios have setting for fan curves?

Third question, since the E5-2600v4 series of processors is capable of mild overclocking, does the bios have any settings for overclocks?

Final quesiton, there is a chance that this server may have to be used as a work station (dual processor), as there are not many workstations in this price bracket with such good specs, is there any drawback to using this as a workstation?