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Ml35 g5 ilo setup

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Ml35 g5 ilo setup

I have a ML350 g5 ilo 2

I need to login from a windows 7 laptop

no dhcp servers involved

My latop gets ip from my isp provider

I do not want the server on any network at all.

I just want to connect to the ilo from my laptop directly with a cable to the ilo 2.

question 1 ,

 do I need a patch crossover cable / or a standard ethernet cable for the direct connection ?

I know I can

Press F8 on boot  to enter into ILO Configuration.

Then go to Users -> Modify user and change the ILO admin password .and create a new dns name  too

 question 2

my laptops ip is and the laptops gateway is  default mask

I know i need to  disable dhcp set a static ip say so its in the same range in the ilo.

question ?

 but what gateway and submask  ip am i supposed to set on the server ilo if any ?


then i understand i should be able to login



I read the Hp ilo manual buit it is not clear enough for my situation.



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Re: Ml35 g5 ilo setup

ok,   sorted the cable had an intermittent fault ,evn though the ilo activity leds lit up


BTW I used a crossover /patch cable


I used Lan cable tester to verify the issue


.A bit unbusual as the cable was brand new.