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Ml350 G5 Power issues won't even POST


Ml350 G5 Power issues won't even POST

First the old friend indicated fault codes with LED's for the PSU. Ordered a replacement, before I installed it I took the server for a 30km drive. Well at the new location with the new PSU it instead of external health LED gives internal health LED. And the funny thing is now the old PSU seems to work, it gives the same problem.

So the fault seems to have changed.

The internal LED's on system board is now OK. But the DVD and SaS (4 hdd's) doesn't have any power at all.

ILO2 recognize the server as STANDBY (OFF) and internal health OK.

The fans are running, the system board has functioning LED's.

No beep from BIOS and as said no power to the drives.


I've already tried to disconnect everthing and putting it back togheter. HP support chat helped me with minimum config start up, didn't work either.

And the internal health LED goes on immediatly.

Can it be the PS backplane? Or is the motherboard fryed?

Because the failure symptoms changed after moving it I suspect the backplane?

Any tips?

Fritsch James
Frequent Advisor

Re: Ml350 G5 Power issues won't even POST

The server should post without any backplane connected. If it doesn't I would suspect a problem with the mainboard


Re: Ml350 G5 Power issues won't even POST

I'm talkning about the PSU backplane. Where the PSU hotplug connects to and then transforms to 12V 15V 24V etc.